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MEPS trip to Bonn and Cologne 2017

MEPS excursion to Bonn and Cologne 2017


On Friday, December 15 a group of 18 MEPSians went on a tour to a museum of German history between 1945 and nowadays in Bonn and Christmas markets in Cologne.

After the very informative tour through the museum we jointly walked on the Path to Democracy in order to reach the heart of the city of Bonn. By doing so, we passed the places of the institutions of the former German Federal Government which at present days is mostly part of the World Conference Center Bonn where, e.g., the Bonn Climate Change Conference recently took place.

Then, after lunch, we headed for Cologne. After a slight detour to the cathedral “Kölner Dom” we went over to Christmas markets where we enjoyed mulled wine, “Feuerzangenbowle” and much more in a Christmassy atmosphere.











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