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Fees and scholarships



By the law of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia there are no tuition fees at the University of Siegen. Students only have to pay an administrative fee for registration with university’s students service. Costs are around 280 Euros per semester at the moment. This registration gives students access to various services. It especially allows for the unlimited use of public transportation in the whole state of North Rhine-Westphalia and low priced lunch in the canteen. Furthermore, the owner of a student ticket gets several discounts at places of interest  (e.g., in many museums, theatres, ...) in all of Germany.


Students of the University of Siegen can apply for many different scholarships. In general, German institutions of higher education do not themselves award scholarships. There are, however, several scholarship-awarding organizations in Germany. For students from foreign countries, a database of these organizations is provided by the DAAD (German academic international office). A German website which provides an overview of available scholarships can be found here.

Last but not least, the Studienförderfonds Siegen e.V. awards scholarships especially for students of the University of Siegen.

Since some of these websites are only available in German you can always contact us (meps@uni-siegen.de) if you should experience any language problems.