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As regards my MEPS application, do I need to send anything by regular post?
At the time when you are applying online there is no need to send anything by post. You can complete your application online. Diploma certificates, TOEFL/IELTS/GRE score reports and the like should be scanned and attached to the online application. The MEPS Admission Committee will base its decision entirely on what you provide online. Later on (in case you receive a positive answer) you would then need to provide us either with original degree certificates or certified copies thereof.
How will I be notified whether or not I have been accepted?
Successful applicants will receive an acceptance letter both via email and regular post.
When is the closing date for applications?
Closing date for applications is July 15. But we strongly recommend non-EU applicants to apply until May 31.
I have not majored in economics. Is it nevertheless possible to successfully attend the MEPS?
Yes. While the MEPS-Program main audience will be students with a degree in economics, we also encourage students from related disciplines (business, mathematics, political science etc.) to apply. For applicants without adequate previous knowledge in economics, an admission under requirements is possible. The amount of catch up courses will be defined by the examination office.
I have majored in economics/business, but the program I completed does not have a strong quantitative focus. Is it nevertheless possible to successfully attend the MEPS-Program?
Yes. While the MEPS-Program aims at introducing students to advanced methods and concepts, we want to help students in catching up during the first semester. However, a certain interest in quantitative methods is required.
How good do my English skills have to be at the beginning of the program?
The admission requirements set certain minimum standards in terms of TOEFL/IELTS results. More importantly, you should enjoy reading English texts (newspapers, magazines, textbooks) and you should be willing to express your arguments in English in presentations and classroom discussions.
Where can I pass the TOEFL/IELTS?
Information on the TOEFL/IELTS tests is provided here.
As regards TOEFL test results that I have to attach to my online application, I am afraid I will be receiving the results after the closing date for the MEPS application. Can I submit my application without the TOEFL report and send the report later on?
Yes. You can submit your application without TOEFL/IELTS test results should you not receive the score report in time. In case you receive a positive answer by the MEPS Admission Committee, admission will be conditional on receiving the score report later on and obtaining a score which satisfies the minimum requirements for English language competence, as stated on the web site.
Does the MEPS-Program have a part-time study program?
Due to the course structure a part time study is not possible.
Is it possible to find accommodation in a students’ residence?
Yes, application forms and further information for accommodation in a students' residence may be obtained from the Students Service of the University of Siegen (Studentenwerk).
Can I choose any professor as supervisor of my Master’s thesis?
A suitable supervisor for your Master’s thesis can be chosen from all professors of the department who are currently teaching over the period of writing your thesis.
Are there any partnerships with other Universities?
The University of Siegen has numerous partnerships with foreign universities (list of partnerships).

In addition, our faculty members are part of numerous international networks and can thus support students’ aim to spend a semester abroad.
How long does it take to write the Master Thesis?
The thesis takes 15 weeks.
Is the MEPS-Program practice-oriented?
We have designed the structure of the program to provide students with the practical and theoretical knowledge that is needed to take up interesting positions in the private sector and in public institutions. At the same time, the MEPS-Program can also serve as a starting point for an academic career.
Can I take a semester of study abroad?
In the Master’s Program in Economic Policy there is no compulsory semester of study abroad. However, Master’s students have the possibility of spending a semester at one of our partner universities within the framework of our exchange program. Please refer here to the department information on studying abroad. Credits that you obtain during your study abroad will be recognised up to a limit of 60 ECTS. Your Master’s thesis must however be written at the University of Siegen.