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Examination regulations and modul descriptions you will find on the homepage of the Examination Office (click here)

MEPS Study Guide

Module Structure

Registration guidelines for economic seminars

Studying in Siegen


MEPS Welcome Week WS 2018/2019 and Introductory Courses:

We are very pleased to welcome all new MEPS students during our Welcome Week starting on October 4, 2018. Additional to the Welcome Week there will be introductory courses on several topics during the first weeks. Below please find the schedule for the MEPS Welcome Week, schedules for your introductory courses as well as the lecture schedule of your first semester in the MEPS program.

Schedules (TBA):

  • Welcome Week Schedule (Probably during the first week of Octobe)
  • MEPS Introductory Courses (Probably during the second and third week of October)