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Career prospects



MEPS students acquire knowledge in economics, econometrics and data analysis using software like R and Stata. This brings them to the frontiers of current research. The program has a quantitative orientation, which trains the students' analytical and logical problem-solving skills and prepares them for a successful (international) professional career. Given the sound education in economic theory and empirical methods the program can also serve as a first step of an academic career in high-level economic research.

Job perspectives


The MEPS program conveys a wide range of knowledge that opens up various job opportunities. Given the wide range of elective courses, graduates of the MEPS program have excellent job prospects for qualified positions in:
  • Ministries and government agencies (ministries of finance and economic affairs, economic forecasting agencies, competition authorities and central banks)
  • International organizations such as the IMF, World Bank, OECD, ECB as well as other European Community institutions
  • Employer and employee organizations, consumer organizations and environmental organizations
  • The private sector like in banks, consultancies or in globally active companies
  • An academic carrer, e.g., as part of the doctoral MAGKS program
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